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This memorial website was created to honor our Precious son 
Noel Jefferson Heimburg born into John and Patricia's loving arms in Orlando, Florida on October 05, 1976 and who, much too soon, transended into God's loving arms February 21, 2006 at the age of 29. We come to understand that our son is still very much present, though the view is somewhat obscured.   Rest in Peace, our precious son, until we are all together again for an eternity

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Blindsided ...   / Your Loving Mom (momma)
Sweet son, how terribly I still miss you - all the spontaneous joy you brought to me; the sound of your precious laughter I would give anything to here it again, but am grateful still I video recorded our last holiday together Christmas 2005 - I watc...  Continue >>
The Continuity of Love   / Your Mom
Dearest son I heard you reach out to comfort me and here is what you said: July 2 2010 My dearest Mom Just checking in with you after so much time has past - four years may seem an eternity right now to you. Please know and remember I love you and m...  Continue >>
Father's Day   / Mom (Mom)
Happy Father's Day! My precious Noel. We all hold you so very tight in our hearts in our memories. Today is a day that holds such deep meaning for our realization of the generations of fathers that preceded ours; for our own fathers wh...  Continue >>
Christmas with you in Spirit   / Your Loving Mom (mommy)
My dearest Noel How we all long for your smile and love and hugs; knowing that to accept the absence of your physical presence means adjusting to feeling your presence through your energy spirit that is eternally present. So hard on holidays as you...  Continue >>
How fitting ... your love for JRR Tolkien so deep   / Mom
October 5th, 2008The Road Goes Ever On  ~JRR TolkienThe Road goes ever on and on     Down from the door where it began.Now far ahead the Road has gone,     And I must follow, if I can,Pursuing it with eage...  Continue >>
Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting  / Patti Heimburg-Small (Momma)    Read >>
Missing you as always  / Sylvie Samaan (friend)    Read >>
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